Design I - Fall 2017
Roosevelt Island is in need of shared outdoor space. A sliver of land between Manhattan and Queens, it is bordered on all sides by the East River but has little relationship to the waterfront. This project’s aim was to create an outdoor community space at the site of an unused plot of land under the Queensboro Bridge. Isamu Noguchi’s sculptures inspired this project as I studied his naturalistic playscapes and his use of natural materials, particularly rock.

I used the study models as an opportunity to investigate the layers of history, both geological and intangible, that exist on Roosevelt Island. By combining rockite, wax, and glycerin in different ratios at different temperatures and experimenting with how I cast the models, I was able to allow natural chemical processes to create shapes and spaces. 
Unfolded section (pt. 1)
Unfolded section (pt. 2)
Final models
Final models
Study models
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