Design III - Fall 2018
The Design III thesis studio centered on a study of Iztapalapa, a district of Mexico City, and the ground conditions that shape life for its 1.8 million inhabitants. My team was drawn to the ground, which is continually sinking and cracking in response to the drainage of the city’s aquifer and earthquakes, both ever-present threats. The first half of the semester was devoted to researching and visualizing the myriad factors that shape daily life in Iztapalapa and the structural and communication systems formed in response to a landscape in flux.

Our team ultimately proposed a park whose primary function is to record the stories of the neighborhood and provide space to collect them in an effort to spread narratives from people whose voices are under-represented in local government. We aimed to create spaces for people to convene at different scales to encourage communication, mobilization, and activation.
Study of geological conditions of Iztapalapa
The path of an earthquake alert in Mexico
Construction trends in Mexico City
Tierra Estereo collage render
Tierra Estereo axonometric and vignettes
Dynamic Tierra Estereo model in various positions
Detail model
Site model at 1:500 scale
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